Garhwal Kumaon Tour

Bounded by Tibet in the northeast, Nepal in the east and Himachal Pradesh in the northwest, the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas is surrounded by the Tons River in the west and river Kali in the east anywhere it forms the western border of Nepal. Of the entire Himalayan range over 650 km is inside Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas, which happen to be the center part of the Great Himalayan series. Garhwal, a 448 Km area of the Himalayas is sandwiched flanked by the Jammu & Kashmir Himalayas and Punjab Himalayas to the north and west and the foundation of Ganges. These mountains have strong friendship with Hindu myths and the spiritual shrines date to centuries. If the complete Himalayan range over 650 km is inside Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas, which happen to be the innermost part of the Great Himalayan chain. Garhwal has several rough country trail from side to side opaque forests of Deodar, cypress, oak, pine and rhododendron with the intention of anchorage a large assortment of Himalayan faunas. These lead to lush green valleys and rolling green meadows carpeted with alpine plants in summer.

We serve you gadwall Kumaon tour cheapest rate and comfortable Services. If Kumaon is a green board spread, Garhwal is a challenger’s enjoyment. If Kumaon boast of clear lake, chirpy forests, flowery rainbows; Garhwal flaunt its snow clad peaks, old-fashioned retreats and innumerable ton rivers. At every corner and corner, patchwork of natural wonder and beautiful Himalayan vistas welcome the guests. At every step, background of the powerful Himalayas beckon to take the following that step with renewed interest. Though, there’s additional to Kumaon and Garhwal than usual brightness. There are echo of spiritual milestone and legendary landmarks. So, whether one’s a natural world lover or a religious supporter, Kumaon and Garhwal nearby the tranquil go away for a memorable holiday. Kumaon is the land of the Mahakali and its main right bank branch, the Goriganga, the Dhauliganga and the Ramganga. Like the other main source rivers of the Ganga, the Mahakali too, originate north of the huge Himalayan peak zone and forces a passage from side to side the main range, to combine with the Ganga in the far-away plains.